Friday, November 28, 2008

kene tag lagi~~

kene lagi ngan cik anot tersayang....

1. Hi,how r ya?


2. Hey!you wanna go to mall?
--where?i tired today...sorry

3. I love you...
--heh?jom couple balik..

4. Do you want some cookies?
--sorry...what cookies?

5. Can you take me a picture? pleasure

6. Help me in my homework!
--heh?i have a tons of homeworks too

7. Here's my gift to you

8. Lets just be textmates?

9. Do u want me to buy you an ipod?
--what?takkan ipod je...

10. Let's sit together in the bus
--hahaha.....akan difikirkan

11. Hi baby
-- im papa now...ok..

12. You still cute
--like before,present and forever

13. I still love you
--hrmmm.....u sure or not?

14. Can i visit your house?

15. Do u love me?
--heh...i love my car more than u now...

Follow these instructions:named 5 candidates on ur listask them to complete this tag
repost on their blogwrite the title"WHAT IF UR EX SAID THIS TO U?"

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